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Current Manufacturers 

American LitePole

Sports Lighting Poles
Highmast Lighting Poles
Square/Round Poles (Tapered/Non-Tapered)
Square Hinged Poles


LED-Industrial / Commercial
(Area Lights, Explosion Proof, Flood Lights,
Retrofit Kits, Signals, Signs, Spot Lights)

Bethel International

Lighting, Furniture, Mirror, and Accessories. 

Dauer Manufacturing

LED Bollards, Landscape Fixtures, LED, and Commecial. 

Direct Lighting

Accessories / Non-LED Lighting (Architectural Lighting,

Area Light, Arms, Bollards, Decorative Area,
Low Pressure Sodium, Poles, Street Light,
Wallpack–Slimline,Wallpack-Half  Moon)

Ecomax Lighting

LED-Indoor (Downlights, High/Low Bay, LED Tubes,
Panel Lights, Strip Lights)

LED-Outdoor (Canopy Lights, Flood Lights,

LED Corn Bulbs, Retrofit Kits, Street Lights, Wall Packs)

Envirolux Energy Systems       

LED-Indoor (Bar Light, Flat Panels,High Bay–Linear,
High Bay-Vapor Tight, Troffer, Tubes)

LED-Outdoor (Canopy Light, Garage Light,

Large Flood, Large Stealth, Led Retrofit Kit,
Small Flood, Wallpack–Half Moon,
Wallpack–Large, Wallpack–Slimline,


LED-Indoor (Drivers, Emergency Lighting Systems,

Exit Signs & Lighting, Modules, Retrofit Kits)

Accessories / Non-LED Lighting (Ballasts,

Fluorescent Lamps, Halogen Transformers,
Hid Lighting, Induction Lighting)

GLO (Global Lighting  Organization)

LED-Indoor (Bulbs, Corn Bulbs,

Flat Panels, High Bay–Linear, Tubes)

LED-Outdoor (Corn Bulbs)


Linear LED Tape


Undercabinet Lighting
Pucks and Downlights
Path and Accent Lighting

JET Lighting

Surface mounts, Square Lights
Landscape Lighting, Wall Packs, Disc Lights
Recessed- Can Lights, Undercabs, Puck Lights, Strips

Mercury Lighting

LED-Indoor (Exit Signs/Lights,High Bay-Linear,Industrial,
Stairwell, Strip Light,Surface/Wall Linear ,Troffers,
Under Cabinet,Vandal Resistant,Vanity Lights,Wraps)

LED-Outdoor (Canopy Lights,Flood Lights,Wallpack-Half Moon,Wallpack-Slimline,Wallpack–Rectagonal,

Wallpack–Trapezoid,Wet/Vapor Tight )

Fluorescent(High Bay-Linear,Industrial,Stairwell ,Strip Light,
Surface/Wall Linear,Troffers,Under Cabinet,Vandal Resistant,
Vanity Lights,Wet/Vapor Tight Fixture,Wraps)
Max Power Systems

Accessories (Emergency Lighting Inverter,
Surge Protection, UPS)

Mex-LED Signs

LED-Indoor (Flat Panels, High Bay–Circular,
High Bay-Water Tight)

LED-Outdoor (Gas Canopy Light,

Large Flood, Street Light)


LED-Indoor (High Bay–Circular,
High Bay–Linear, Low Bay, Nova High/Low Bay)

LED-Outdoor (Area Light, Canopy Light,

Large Flood,  Roadway Light,
Small Flood,Wallpack-Rectagonal,
Pacific Lighting

LED-Outdoor (Area Light, Decorative Lanterns,
Large Flood, Wallpack–Half Moon,
Wallpack–Rectagonal, Wallpack–Slimline,


Accessories / Non-LED Lighting (Arms, Base Covers,

Bollards, Decorative Lanterns,
Low Pressure Sodium, Poles)

Patriot LED

American made products

Indoor/Outdoor Luminaires, Grow Lights, Explosion Proof

PLC Multipoint

Accessories (Lighting Control Systems,
Lighting Control Sensors )


Explosion proof products
Safetron Ground Fault

Accessories (Electric Locks)


LED /Non-LED Outdoor
(Solar Parking/Street Light Systems)



Trem Lighting

Custom design light fixtures for commercial, residential and hospitality installations.

Please Note:
The categories listed are meant to represent the core lines of each manufacturer. Please check their website for additional offerings, and please inquire with Bohannon and Associates if you have other lighting needs not represented here. In most cases we can fulfill your requests.

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